When you register through our site, you provide us with your personal information including your name, contact and a valid e-mail address. We use this information to send you notification and updates about your order, special offers and questionnaires to measure your satisfaction with the services we provide. This information will also be used to send you announcements about new and exciting products and services that Ignition or its strategic partners offer that may interest you.

When you order products from IGNITION, you will be asked to provide additional contact information and you will share personal information in form of photos and text. All such information will be incorporated into the final product and for processing of your order. We will also save the information you have provided so that you may make any necessary changes, reorder quickly or design a new product for your next visit. IGNITION does not share your custom products with anyone.  IGNITION may use the information you provided when ordering a custom product to gather aggregate data on the popularity and marketability of specific product designs or design features.  IGNITION may use your contact information for cross marketing within our group of companies or assigned 3rd party partners.  We do not share your contact information beyond our group or 3rd party partners. If you do not wish to have your contact information shared, please send us an email to

For payments, you may be asked to provide additional information, including information about your type of credit card as well as billing and shipping addresses. Your credit card information will be used to process your order, and if we have difficulty processing your order, we will use your contact information to contact you for such purpose. IGNITION may retain this information in case you choose to order from us again. Take note that IGNITION uses an outside shipping or courier and a credit card processing company to deliver your order and bill you for that order. These companies are permitted to use such data only to process and deliver your order and are not permitted to retain, store, share, or use such data for any other purpose.

We may record the number of visits, paths taken and time spent on our sites and pages. This data may be stored in a cookie on your computer's hard drive. However, none of this data is personally identifiable and we share this data only in the aggregate, reflecting overall Internet or website usage trends.